The Family

 One of the most satisfactory things as is when you find a whole family, reading to live the gospel. On Friday we were out street contacting between two lessons. After a conversation I was having with one man ended, I noticed elder Sturt on the other side of the street surrounded by about 8 middle-eastern people. The next day we travelled to their home for the scheduled appointment. The Gill family were originally from Pakistan and were raised as Christians. Mrs. Gill was a mother of 4 girls and one young boy. They all just soaked in what we taught and showed great enthusiasm towards the first vision and Book of Mormon. Mrs Gill’s young girls will double the young women program at the Liverpool ward! We’re now working with a member of the ward who’s mission area actually covered Pakistan to fellowship these wonderful people!

 Right after we met these wonderful people, the lord directed us to another! A young mother named Sam was struggling to move her pushchair into her home. After my initial approach, she told me about her disappointment in religion as nothing good she felt had come from it. Nevertheless, she invited us in to teach her and a friend named Liam. We soon found out that she attended an LDS church in great Yarmouth. We witnessed a great change in her attitude as we answered her questions and extended commitments. Many seeds of faith are planted within many individuals.

We had another baptism in the ward this weekend; Racki Wamba. Her family is mainly from Congo and Angola. The baptism was very diverse. Seriously everyone there was pretty much African! We love teaching them, baptizing them, finding them, and playing football with them

Wu received the priesthood last week. Unfortunately Cindy is becoming too tied up with work in the weeks. As a result, we are not seeing nearly as much as we would like. Wu, however, is still striving to help his wife come unto Christ. HE cooked for us again on Sunday… how I wish I could cook like the Chinese.

We look forward to Marc’s Baptism this weekend!

Love you all so much!


Elder Kersey


The Family

 I hope you all enjoyed general conference. For the prospective missionaries in the family… I hope President Monson’s bold exhortation to prepare for a mission rung in your hearts. Conference as a missionary is fantastic. It makes such a tremendous difference when you are spiritually prepared. I received some good advice, revelation, and… correction I guess.

 Marc’s coming along fantastically. He cooked elder Sturt and I lasagna last week! Aside from the lasagna, he’s showing enthusiasm and gratitude towards the decisions he is making. We are grateful for the Liverpool ward. They are proving to be a very missionary centred ward. After Bishop Murphy’s priesthood interview with Wu yesterday, he enlightened us with his amazement at Wu’s commitment level. He asked Wu in the interview if he would like to assist in the sacrament and wu responded by exclaiming that its his duty to perform all these ordinances. He shared with Bishop about his desire to share the gospel with others and what he could do to achieve that.

 We are thinking of just designating Wu as the Chinese ward mission leader

 I think I just need to recruit Josh Matern over here. Hopefully he reads this. We need more mandarin speaking missionaries! A couple of months ago, President Bullock felt prompted to request Chinese missionaries. Within the last few transfers a few companionships have been called here and massive amounts of Chinese have been baptised! Wu is helping us with various other Chinese investigators. The most promising is Haoran who is being taught by the other Liverpool elders.

Now he’s incredible. He was found a couple of weeks ago and agreed, solidly, to baptism. He came to Noma’s baptism and church with such a great excitement. Then, in the following days, his parents back in china disallowed him to investigate. He had to drop them and then a couple of days ago (him and wu are best friends, they are both at uni and are always talking to each other) he decided to be baptised anyway with the faith that his parents would some day accept the gospel.

 China will one day be stacked with members. We are baptizing the future leaders of the church in china! They are all out here studying and the will one day return to china with the love of the gospel in their hearts.

 My prayers are with you all as well as Bob. I hope he’s recovering

 Love you all


Elder Kersey

The Family

So much happening… of course. The mission did phenomenally well this month for baptisms. 38! That’s the second most in that last 8 years or something (the highest was last may, we had 42, that was the month Kate was baptised). But The Liverpool zone did exceptionally well also. Elder Sturt and I were very blessed to see 3 baptised this transfer. This past weekend we were privileged to see Nomakula baptised. She is an incredible woman and was spiritually converted very early in the teaching process. It’s been an enjoyable time with elder Sturt as well. He’s a companion that I’ve clicked with very well. He has a great work ethic and shows a strong desire to teach and baptise. We both like all the same things, both love food, and … he pins me every night before our companionship prayer. It’s a humbling experience. We are now in the process of rebuilding our teaching pool for the coming weeks. We already have some very promising individuals. Just last night, we were able to teach Cindy, our Chinese recent convert’s wife. It was a beneficial learning experience for both of us. With ethnic groups, such as the some of the Chinese, our lesson has been geared towards teaching one who’s understanding of God, is that of a child’s. Last night Cindy prayed with us for the first time. Wu has been a very positive experience with helping her understand the criticality of faith in Jesus Christ. Mark burrows is our other most promising. He’s from reading (yeah!) but has spent quite a bit of time in Finland?? But after 4 years of (he’s up at Liverpool uni) of investigating on and off.. he’s finally preparing. It was a very comical experience as well… Wu is hilarious even though his English is not perfect; we leave his home with our sides aching. Last Friday him and Cindy cooked us a full Chinese meal. Wow… that is all I have to say. Amazing food. I experienced some traditional dishes like ‘BOWza!’ (that’s how you have to say it by the way). Both are very good cooks. We approve with two thumbs way up. We have been running in to a ton of atheists recently. It is upsetting to see how ‘staunch’ some of these young people are. Those who we have met, just quote Richard Dawkins and are reluctant to demonstrate just a fragment of faith.

I love you all

Pray for miracles and be believing

Elder Kersey

The family

 Jian Juang Wu, China’s next stake president, was successfully baptised this weekend. He really is an incredible man. You’ll meet him at general conference when he’s an area seventy don’t worry. His journey towards baptism has been a lesson in itself, as we have observed his steps. We took him to a fireside at President Bullock’s home the week before last and while there he sent a request for President to come to his baptism. President and sister Bullock did of course come and had a long conversation with him about the future in China. As Wu’s long term plans are to return to China after his Ph.D here, we are quite certain he will become a leader to those new generations of latter-day saints. We are now working to baptise his wife!

 Norma is doing as solid as ever. In all honesty, she was ready to be baptised when I first saw her, standing just behind her front door. She loves church, loves to sing, and loves the Saviour. She has told us how her family is continuing to improve as a result of her faith. As a grandmother, she’s responsible for many people as fathers have passed away. Plus she is a nurse.

We actually have a double baptism this weekend. Elder Vaivai and Smart, the other companionship in Liverpool, are blessed to witness Daniel from Nigeria enter those waters along with Norma.

Because of so many baptisms, we are now starting the process of really working to find new people. Liverpool continues to yield promising people! One such person, a staunch atheist so it seems, named Ashley, has expressed his genuine desire to investigate. We taught him yesterday with one of the wards Irishmen. We spent the majority of the meeting explaining to him, scientifically and spiritually, the existence of God. We discussed how the science he adores coincides with our beliefs. He seems open and we feel there. When we first spoke to him, initially he was very argumentative but we were pleased to see the spirit change his countenance and open his mind for understanding.

Lots of other promising people as well as Ashley.

Well transfers are next week so emails will be postponed a few days. As for the weekly update on investigator football, not as many showed up this week, we had about eight and on the next pitch were about 8… all kitted out… staunch Liverpool supporters. There we were, with just regular clothes on and after some discussion and introduction. They (mockingly) challenged us.

We beat them

It was pretty sweet…

Love you


Elder Kersey

The Family

 An incredible week! Our Zone continues to climb ever higher! Investigators at church for the zone went through the roof. We are blessed to have some solid companionships serving in some very promising areas. We had some great miracles, especially a baptism! Neil Thorpe entered the waters of baptism this weekend and his journey towards that goal has been remarkable. The ward has exhibited a genuine love and support for him. I remember one of our last lessons with him before the interview he asked sincerely ‘is that all I have to do? keep the commandments throughout my life? seriously is that it?’ we responded of course with an over-zealous YES! yes Neil there’s no loop holes. Every commitment that’s been extended since day one he has kept.

 We are teaching some fabulous people. It’s such a profound experience. We had a hiccup with peter this past week. He had been somewhat avoiding us for the past week. But Saturday afternoon, we felt we should try by his home shortly before heading to the chapel for neil’s baptism. Peter hesitantly answered the door and at first was not willing to talk. Then, mid sentence, he cut himself off and told us to come in. We sat down in his living room and (as we expected) expressed some concerns he had regarding anti-mormon literature. We were impressed that Peter was able to dismiss most of the anti church feelings as he felt they were disrespectful, he did however have some concerns with other things. After some chat we resolved them and he felt much more confident. He even apologized that he worried about it. We knelt in prayer, he recommitted himself, and then attended the baptismal service that evening. Peter WILL be baptised. He’s ‘ace’ (as our WML would say). But I’m glad he’s back on track. we’ve only been teaching him 2 weeks but he is so there spiritually. Peter is only 27 but he was destined to be a catholic priest. He quit because of the hypocrisy he experienced as he studied the bible in-depth.

 Norma is soo solid as well. Again… I love Africans. (I’m expecting an amen from you David). Norma absolutely loves church. She is sharing the book of mormon with her family, bonding with the other Africans in the ward, and just … being a perfect investigator. Wu, our future Chinese stake president is also just ‘ace.’ He has such a pure heart. He (again remember he’s an investigator), fellowshipped other Chinese students at Liverpool uni, to church yesterday! he’s thoroughly looking forward to his baptism! we are seeing great success with the Chinese.

 Other than that… Liverpool could not be better. We had 8 aside investigator football this Saturday with at least one person from every country I swear…(a portuguese, Nigerians, Ghanaians, Iraq, Spain, America, Ecuador, and of course… England) we had some solid members show up too.

 I love you all… a lot ! thanks for the prayers!


Elder Kersey

The family

 The Liverpool zone saw some incredible miracles this past week. The zone was struggling to achieve certain indicators. After some prayers and effective planning we implemented some a certain focus and as a result, every key indicator doubled! Some even quadrupled! We had the privilege of doing some exchanges with the elders in Wigan. It was incredible to see how a day of only finding plans was changed into a very productive day of teaching new investigators. I was working with elder bore from Canada. We had some great situations to work on certain goals.

 As it was bank holiday yesterday, I managed to go to the temple. A few days before I went, the topic of unity and faith had been dwelling on my mind. At the temple, it was strongly confirmed to me that when the faith and expectations of a companionship are in unity, miracles are constantly taking place. I know this is true for a certainty. In previous transfers, when the faith has not been as unified, and missionaries expectations aren’t too great, miracles are less frequent. The lord blesses when we fulfil those pre-requisites. One thing we have been doing to promote this is in every single prayer, we pray for our goal of 3 baptisms this transfer.

 I’ve been here a week and so many incredible people have been prepared for us. Neil is solid for his baptism this weekend. He has shown so much excitement. Wu, one of our Chinese investigators (yes they are the golden nuggets, I love teaching Chinese people so much that I have started learning Chinese phrases…. People love it when you saying simple little things in their language), he came to church for the first time this weekend and he absolutely loved the ‘atmosphere,’ wu is very excited for his baptism later this month. On Saturday, I knocked a door of a south African black lady named Norma who we taught also came to church. She’s excited for her baptism.

 So much diversity here I love it! We taught people from Uganda, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, south Africa, china, spain, and…. Okay England too

 We love it here

 Love you all


Elder Kersey

The family

 Won’t be too long of an email as it was transfers last week and so our p-day was thrown off. I’ve only had a few days since then. Anyway.. how are you all doing?! Congratulations on the birth meg! You and Rosie are in my prayers! As well as the rest of you of course.

 I love Liverpool. There’s some amazing people here. With all the responsibilities elder Sturt and I have, it’s quite the challenge balancing our area with the rest of our zone. The work is demanding! But there are some very choice people who are showing real commitment here. Neil is preparing for baptism in two weeks. He’s single man at about 29. He is (I think I say this a lot but this time I’m being serious) the most humble person I’ve met on my mission. He was found just a week and a half prior to my arrival. Since then he has kept every commitment extended and come to church every week. Ah he’s amazing!

 He was found right after elder Sturt and elder Nielson tracted a whole street of very ‘carnal’ people. Not too much success, but at the last door, a man named Neil invited them into his home.

This relates to your lives! The dawn always comes after a shadowy night! It’s a principle I’ve seen countless times on the mission as faith is exhibited. Trust in the lord and continue to press forward.

My first night I arrived last week, we also taught a new investigator named peter. He also has great sincerity. He’s a single man of 27, but he is very aware of the existence of god. Peter demonstrates a good amount of faith. We have high hopes for him. We’ve taught him a couple of times since and he’s smashing.

Other than that… lots of councils, councils, phone calls, and other stuff.

 I love Liverpool!

… and you!

Elder Kersey