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The Family
Well I’m hoping you all got those pictures. unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the whole Liverpool zone but I’ll send you one if I get it in the future.
sorry my email isn’t as long as normal.. the pictures took forever but i know how to do it now.. it won’t take as long in the future
Yes it’s getting very cold
Even so!! We are still seeing great consistency in our area. The lord is blessing us with committed investigators (most still chinese!). We striving to help each individual work to achieve his/her goals.
The finding aspect of missionary work does inevitably change during the winter months, however, it is quite exhilarating to find in the cold weather! On saturday the Lord blessed us with a large chunk of finding time in the afternoon. We felted prompted to spend our time in a specific area near our flat that had not been worked too much. When we arrived, the heavens opened and the rain came down. We prayed for miracles and exited the car with a unified purpose. The following hours consisted of running up and down Smithdown road speaking to the scattered people in the freezing rain. I’m grateful for how the Lord removes distractions, those who expressed interest seemed to speak and associate with me as if it was the middle of summer! Over the hours we spent there, the lord blessed us with 4 new investigators. All represented different countries. One man, named Abdul, was born in Israel and sat with us in the local library after hearing about a living prophet on the earth in these days.
I’m grateful for the Christlike attribute of diligence. Its been one of the most sacred revelations i have received on my mission… ‘diligence is an attribute that applies to ALL aspects of our lives.’
it’s not just chasing people on the street. Diligence stretches so much deeper than that. Even though we couldn’t feel our faces, hands, and soaking feet, we literally saw the Lord’s acceptance of our labors.
I’m grateful for this principle. Its one i wish to have throughout my life
Much love
Elder Kersey

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(all of) Ma Famille!!

 Hope you are all well! The weather is becoming… well quite chilly. We had a great miracle in our own area during church this past weekend. Richard, one of our investigators, has been on the elusive side for the previous 5 days. Phone calls and ‘try-bys’ were becoming ineffective. On Saturday evening (I was on exchange in Crosby), elder Wolfert felt inclined to leave a note designed to prompt Richard back to activity. The next day as we anxiously waited for our investigators at church, Richard hustled into the foyer wrapped in a large winter coat. He thanked us for the note and seemed more than pleased to be at church. We’re grateful for this tender mercy of the Lord. He’s back on track again now.

Church really is such a beneficial environment. We are encouraged to teach people how revelation been be received during church. This is a principle I have grown to cherish myself. During elder’s quorum, Brother Bogh was teaching about the importance of parental examples and many things he mentioned deeply touched Richard. He expressed this to us and politely asked for ‘a strength for youth pamphlet.’ He felt the lesson really addressed some concerns he had.

It’s a progressive moment when you see investigators applying the gospel!! It’s a great sign.

I was very grateful to go on exchange with an old companion this week… elder Moses! He’s a district leader in our zone training a new missionary. Their area has been a bit more on the testing side this past transfer. Even though the weather was not ideal, the streets seemed to come alive with interested, genuine people as we chased and sprinted after those in the distance. The lord provided us with a prepared man named Gary who agreed to be taught at a bus stop. He voiced some concerns but gained a perspective of his life during our discussion.

Another blessing this week… I passed my theory test with flying colors! I just have a practical test next month and I’ll be done!

Much much love


Elder Kersey

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The family

 We’re humbled by the miracles of last week. Richard, Matina, Terrance, Aaron, Fiona, and many others are successfully progressing towards baptism.

 We are currently working with the ward to try and get a Chinese gospel principles class going. We would have elder jin and Fawcett teach it. This we feel is necessary as we had 11 chinese people at church yesterday! Compare this to a transfer ago when Wu was the only one!

Terrance is doing incredibly. We taught him the word of wisdom and he pleasantly announced to us that he is already working to quit smoking as he desires greatly to achieve his baptismal date. He and family spoiled us with a massive roast on Sunday! It was painful to jog after!

Cindy, Wu’s wife, came to church for the first time this weekend! It was a tremendous blessing. She absolutely loved it and bonded well with the other Chinese investigators. The other elders are teaching another Chinese family (Albert, Catherine, and Edward), the same age as Wu and Cindy… it was a remarkable moment to see them all embrace.

(by the way all Chinese people have real Chinese names but they have English ones as well because we can’t pronounce it apparently… example… matina’s real name is ‘Du Xiu’  … Wu is the first one we met who decided not to have an English name. ‘Wu Jian Jun’)

The ward is just speechless at what is happening with the Chinese… we all are actually. We are just so grateful to be a part of this magnificent work.

Recently at a traffic light, I gestured to a man driving a white van to roll down his window. He hesitantly did and then responded to my initial question by explaining his history with the church. He had been less-active for many years and so I bore testimony and invited him to return. A few Sundays later, the same man approached me in church. I didn’t recognize him until he exclaimed excitedly, “you’re the one who spoke to me in my van!”

He is grateful to be back. Terrance’s dad is also a less-active and fortunately, this Sunday was the first he had come to church in many many years. He and the ‘white van man’ had exactly the same background and provided wonderful support for each other. What a miracle.

As a ward we had 14 investigators at church… good good week

Love you all


Elder Kersey

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The Family!

I love you all, you’re all so great! Elder Wolfert and I are continuing to see great events taking place here in Liverpool.

A few days ago we were in an area trying by an appointment that fell through. After tracting some doors and speaking to people on the
street, Elder Wolfert found himself, deep in discussion with an older man named Richard. We asked him if we could come in and he responded
with a sincere ‘of course.’ After some discussion we came to understand that Richard was one who had suffered with many medical
hardships throughout his life. He currently was recovering from cancer and shared with us his ideas of God. We were both impressed by his
faith, regardless of the opposition that was prevalent during his years. He is now seeking a faith, he wants to wholeheartedly follow
Christ yet he feels something is restricting him.

It was a great first lesson. On Friday we taught him a again with a member to help him see the blessings of the gospel in other’s lives.
We felt prompted to read in Alma 58 with Richard, to help him understand that the Lord can grant us faith in any aspect of our
lives. Richard felt assured and excited to attend church… Fortunately he came! Remembrance Sunday was especially meaningful. All the talks
and topics were just perfect. Richard thoroughly enjoyed the service and expressed to us his appreciation and desire to attend the
following week. It seems that (apart from Richard and an African named Aaron) our entire teaching pool is Chinese. Wow its an incredible experience. We
were grateful to see several other Chinese investigators at church, all participating in the lessons. Matina is becoming more spiritually
converted and others are also keeping helpful commitments. Wu and Haoran are still acting as the Chinese Guru’s of the ward. Yesss….

Like I mentioned earlier, Sunday was a very moving session for me this  weekend. As it was remembrance Sunday, all the talks and topics were
very inline with the national theme. The spirit touched all of our hearts. I’m grateful for those in our teaching pool who came.

Love you all

Elder Kersey

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The Family

 What a week! All leading up to transfers! Fortunately, I’ve been assigned to stay in Liverpool… I couldn’t be happier about that! Seriously this area is perfect. Elder Sturt unfortunately was transfers to Newcastle-Under-Lyme. We watched miracles take place together and thoroughly enjoyed each others companionship. I’m now serving with someone else from my MTC group; elder Wolfert from germany! Some members informed us the other day that Elder Wolfert’s older Brother also served in this area 9 years earlier!

First of all Haoran was baptised last weekend… by Wu! His baptism proved to be a very emotional experience for the ward. It’s just incredible seeing all these people of different nationalities entering the Lord’s fold. Earlier that day, Elder Sturt and I taught another new Chinese investigator. She, like many other Chinese individuals, just soaked up the lesson content. She’s quite enthusiastic and agreed to bike to the chapel in an hour to attend an international food night that we and the WML organized.

Now onto that… A couple of weeks prior, during a coordination meeting with the ward, we felt that the ward needed some sort of social activity to really unify some of the investigators we had with the members more. So.. food obviously was mentioned and next thing we knew, a date for an international food night was scheduled. We had the food night right after Haoran’s baptism and thankfully, many attended.

The reason I mentioned this… well be patient and let me tell you about it.

Shortly after people had grabbed their food and taken seats, I chose to sit down with some of our Chinese investigators. As I’m eating (my jerk-chicken….mmmm) all of these Chinese investigators just start speaking with each other about everything. It was such a gratifying moment for me, to see all these foreign people, here for one reason, conversing and fellowshipping one another. The gospel is truly for every one of God’s children. It was an overwhelming feeling to see the success and joy in the work.

This past Monday, some more memorable experiences took place. Elder Sturt and I were journeying toward a potential investigator during the morning. Unfortunately, after several minutes of travel we were in the wrong place and unable to find her. We took the time to continue speaking to people and as a result, the Lord allowed a man named Sam to cross our path. He came across as a very down- to- earth person. As it was raining he invited us to walk back to his flat were we could have our discussion. We were really able to accomplish the aspect of teaching ‘people not lessons.’ He understood the restoration perfectly and accepted the book of Mormon. It was memorable in that the day was full of things to do as transfers was near. Elder Sturt knew he was getting transferred and so we were hurriedly accomplishing all of these tasks. During the chaos however, the lord was able to provide us with a great blessing.

The days miracles didn’t end there, That afternoon we taught another new chinese Investigator (also named sam) and then a lesson with an incredible member referral. The referral was for a young man struggling for forgiveness in his life. He’s 22 and fully aware that God lives due to his life events. He’s got amazing potential and agreed to come to institute this thursday.

Love you all

 Elder Kersey


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The Family

 I’m grateful to hear that you enjoyed my last email. Marc really is a special person. His whole story is one that I will not quickly forget. Elder Sturt and I have learnt many significant lessons from his conversion.

 Well, this week consisted of exchanges, trainings, and conferences with President. As I have mentioned in earlier emails, lots of policies and procedures are being adjusted throughout all the missions.

 A couple of people in particular are doing noticeably well!

 Matina a young, Chinese university student we have been teaching for around two weeks now. She is coming along amazingly. I contacted her on the street and we taught her the next day. Even though she was raised in a buddhist family after moving to England to study, she felt that she needed to take a class on the bible. From that decision, Matina’s faith developed. Then, a couple of weeks later… we speak to her! It is such a humbling experience teaching the Chinese. You truly have to teach by the basics. One Friday she diligently travelled by bus to watch a baptism in the ward. Unfortunately she got lost and then called us. We were trying to figure out where she was on the phone when she exclaimed .. ‘here just speak to this man!’

 So she finally made it there.. and she accomplished that by having a random person drive her to the chapel! Seriously! Just a complete stranger!

 but like i said she’s loving the book of mormon, YSA activities, and church… wu is doing a great job at fellowshipping

 Anyway sorry I’m short on time this week I’ll write you a novel next week promise

 Love you

 Elder Kersey

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The Family

 Another wonderful week here in Liverpool. We’re very grateful for the events of last week; especially Mark’s baptism! Normally it’s the ‘find, teach, and baptise,’ That’s how all the other baptisms I’ve been a part of have taken place. Mark’s however, has been much more intricate.

He first found out about the church (many years back), when communicating with a pen pal from Finland. She, his pen pal, spoke to him about the well… gospel of course! In the following years mark eventually ended up in Finland for a long visit and made frequent trips to the Ylissari’s. The family was all members and enjoyed mark’s company. They were blessed to eventually accompany a willing Mark to church. At that time, all seemed to be on track in terms of Mark’s conversion. He told us however, the reason he went… well these are his words… “They cooked such GOOD lasagna only on Sundays and invited me every week for that meal. I knew they went to church and I felt bad about only coming for the food. So I started going to church with them so I felt more worthy to eat the lasagna.” So mark, investigated the church for lasagne… fair enough

The following years consisted of family issues and scepticism on Mark’s part about being baptised. He was constantly back and forth between Finland and England due to different complications that escort every day life. During these spontaneous commutes, he was meeting with various Finnish missionaries. Again he seemed to be on track, when a missionary rebuked him for something completely unnecessary. He stopped seeing missionaries all together for a considerable amount of time. (By the way mark with all that time in Finland… he doesn’t speak a word of finnish!)

Then, months later, He was back in his hometown, Reading for good. Just last year he found himself packing to move to Liverpool University where he was to study architecture. Brother Bogh, our eccentric American ward mission leader who served his mission in Finland, started inviting mark out to activities in the Liverpool ward which he attended. Mark developed a strong trust in the Bogh’s very quickly. How Brother Bogh found Mark remains to be a mystery.

Even though he was willing to participate in these activities, he was still uncertain with missionary commitments. In accordance with the Bogh’s wishes, He started meeting with the Liverpool elders earlier this year. Unfortunately, He was unhappy with their advice and continued as a cautious, questioning individual. Earlier this year he declined their invitations and gave up with missionaries. He did continue to personally study the Standard works however. The Bogh’s continued to fellowship him here and there and Mark infrequently attended YSA social events.

Halfway through last transfer Elder Sturt and I were invited to a meal appointment with the Bogh’s and Mark. We felt prompted to just talk with him. The discussion went on for around 40 minutes until we had to depart. Over the following two weeks, brother Bogh informed us of how that tea appointment had re-kindled something. It took another week until we were able to see Mark again.

From observing his large teaching record from the previous Liverpool Elders, we were fully aware that Mark had literally been taught… everything. We again felt prompted to just chat to him at first. An immediate honest relationship was developed (He really liked the bit about me living in reading) and he started inviting us more regularly to his flat. He seemed more comfortable and content as we conversed and created a friendlier atmosphere. Over the first few visits we were able to start addressing concerns. As one of our discussions came to a close we mutually felt the time was right to invite… “Mark, we’re not here to force you into anything… we want you to choose a date when you want to be baptised.” Normally the procedure is to extend a baptismal commitment with the ‘will you’ structure. We felt otherwise with Mark.

He nodded his head and scheduled a time when we would next meet. When we next visited him, he stated without any hesitation “I want to be baptised on the 23rd.”

From there, things just escalated.

 He stuck to his date. Meanwhile, Sister Ylissari who was Mark’s penpal had been called to the England Manchester Mission. At about the time Mark started studying at Liverpool. She had served in various areas such as Lancaster and Middleton but around the time we started seeing Mark, she was transferred to Wigan which is in the Liverpool Stake. She and Marc corresponded via post; we were always glad to get the update on her advice for Mark. President Bullock approved the request for Sister Ylissari to attend Mark’s baptism and she was overwhelmed to give a talk at the baptism of someone she first contacted 4 years earlier.

So….. long story and there’s many other things… but miracles happen. Mark is so solid its amazing

I love you all tons

Be Believing!


Elder Kersey

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