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Mon, April 26, 2010

The Family
How are you all doing? by the sounds of your emails lots of things are taking place.. everyone’s moving! we had a fantastic week here in Telford.
We have some great leaders here in the mission. i absolutely love my district. They’re all so talented and have such strong testimonies. We had a good chance to bond in our district meeting last week.
Our dated investigator Sarah is moving to the Wrekin area (so i guess she’ll be seeing plenty of Matt and Esther!) we both feel she’ll be a great strength to the ward there. It was a great privilege to see her progress. Kevin is also doing wonderfully. Again he is just so humble. He is consistent with keeping all the commitments we have extended to him. He is an inspiration to teach and i guess any missionary’s ideal investigator. He now takes his scriptures to study during his break at work. He’s great!
We saw another miracle with one of our other of investigators this week; Kate. Kate has been investigating for a few weeks. she has a genuine interest towards the church. During one lesson, she shared with us how she had considered dropping the church but had felt something pushing her onward. She continues to recognize the spirit during her daily study. Anyway, on Monday, elder Moses and Peterson (the Zone Leaders were on exchange with us), taught Kate at a members home. During a very powerful lesson the accompanying members shared their conversion stories with Kate, as a result, Kate finally committed to baptism.
thats another tangent actually. The bradshaws know the petersons… their son tyler is my zone leader. Its wierd seeing him with me in my flat… as a missionary. He was at lone peak with me so its slightly odd.. but great! as well as that, elder moses’s MTC companion was none other than elder Wilkins! all these connections are just fabulous!
we were privileged to find and teach more choice investigators this week. Shay and mark are still being taught… well shay is and she is just amazing… mark however i think he just got bored. he likes us but doesn’t really participate in the lessons anymore… which in all honesty.. is kind of good…
anyway the computer is about to log me off but i love you all … alot
love you

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