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The Family

 Conference was fabulous. I hope you all enjoyed it. Being spiritually prepared for conference is incredible; you get so much out of it. To describe the leaders of the Lord’s church, they’re all epic, spiritual, intense individuals. We all congregated at the Chorley stake centre so I was able to see some lovely families I hadn’t seen in a while… including Seth! He was very surprised I was still serving in South Ribble… so is every one else in the mission to be honest. It is a quaint little town that needs the gospel so I’m glad I’m here. Transfers are next week so we’ll see what happens!

 For those returned missionaries who are reading this email, you can second me by me saying there are some great friendships that are formed on a mission. Some of the missionaries I’ve grown very close to have felt like friends I have had all my life. It’s sad to see a few of them leaving this transfer. It’s wonderful to be with other missionaries. I had an exchange last week with Elder Dittmer (probably the funniest European I have ever met. He’s our district leader’s companion and a transfer younger than us, I hope he follows me around my entire mission) and I found myself with 10 other missionaries including the AP’s all in a small Preston flat as transportation stuff was going on in Preston or something… (I have no idea what goes on I guess. I’m not exactly in the loop). It was great to see all these close friends and catch up with the work in their respective areas. For those prospective missionaries reading this email, look forward to the elders you’ll meet on your mission. They’re all incredible people.

 Elder MacDougall and I have had another progressive week. We were blessed for more choice individuals to be delivered to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to teach them.

 We had one great experience this week I wanted to briefly share with you that has really testified to me the tender mercies of the Lord. One of our choice investigators Christine dropped us by leaving the Book of Mormon on the front door with a note. As we drove away I saw a face peering out at us from her upstairs window. I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of the saviours love for her. It was a solitary, isolating, withdrawn emotion that I felt as imagined myself as Christine watching two missionaries read the note I had written, knock on my door, and then leave.

 As the member fellowshipping drove us to where we had planned to tract I had a prayer in my heart that we could give that same book of Mormon to a willing couple. As we walked towards the assigned road I saw a warmly lit house on an adjacent street and dashed to the front door. I middle-aged woman answered the door and immediately beckoned us in. We taught both her and her husband. Janette was a very spiritually sensitive woman. Although we are no longer able to see them I really felt something clicked with Janette. It was a memorable lesson and as we taught I had the impression that it may not be her time to accept the gospel.

 We set up the return appointment and when I rang Collin explained to us that it would be better to leave it for now. They both wished to keep the Book of Mormon and exclaimed excitement over the phone when I explained it was theirs to keep and study. My prayer was answered perfectly.

 William, being another choice investigator is truly a blessing. I street contacted the young man roughly 3 weeks ago and although he wasn’t interested/pretty rude, I really felt something pierced him. Last Sunday he ran up to us and explained how everything is suddenly working out for him and he would like us to now visit him. We have taught William over the last few days and he has given a solid commitment to be baptized on the 1st of May. He has embraced all the teachings of the gospel so far. His conversion now lies with accepting the atonement and the fact that he can be forgiven for his transgressions. He has expressed to us his feelings of inadequacy. He is such a humble young man. I remember another investigator we taught around the same age who refused to accept the need for repentance.

 We had a very spiritually edifying conversion on Saturday about the purpose of the atonement. We have been seeing him frequently in order to really help him progress… which he is doing. We look forward to seeing the atonement really take a part in his life.

 Our other investigators are also doing well. Like I said earlier we are continuing to sift through the unwilling. As a result we have built a solid, consistent teaching pool of around 8 investigators. I grateful for the work I am able to render to the Lord. I can wholeheartedly say that work is one of the best preparations for a mission… as well as life. Proactively do things in order to not ‘waste away the days of your Probation!’ Missionary is the greatest when you work hard. It’s a Christ-like attribute to foster… so do it!

 I love you all…. Goodness me we have such a busy week ahead… which is good! I love being busy! I love stress! So I’m excited, I actually have an exchange with the AP’s tomorrow… and then the Zone Leaders again… which I’m excited for I love our leaders.

 I love you all as well… don’t you worry. Thank you for your prayers, I have definitely felt those prayers. Keep being the faithful disciples the Lord wants you to be


 Elder Kersey


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The Family

 Fabulous week! We’re continuing to find new investigators consistently now. Last week we were privileged to teach a number of choice people….. including a born-again minister… more about that in just a bit.

 I hope your all having a wonderful Easter. It brings back nice memories to be here in England surrounded by easter eggs.. they don’t have them in the U.S. The weathers progressing towards perfection (kind of/not really). And people are becoming slightly happier (but not the ones we have already spoken too)

 We had a very spiritual discussion with a young mother named Christine. She was someone who I felt very good about seeing. She again seemed like one of those people who were awaiting to be taught about the gospel. She was very receptive to the lesson and understood everything perfectly. Although she didn’t fully accept the baptismal date, she was excited to see us return and come to church. The member who was present following the lesson told us the entire way through the lesson he could just see her in her whites and as a convert!

 She really enjoyed the lesson. Her conversion (as always) now just lies in her willingness to pray for an understanding.


 Brother Joyce (or the missionary tank) has just completely changed the ward. Everything is moving forward. He is like our best friend. He really helping bridge the gap between missionaries and members. As a result, investigators and members are being integrated fully into the ward.

 So yes we taught a born-again minister. And it’s not the first time it’s happened but it was a good lesson. We were able to adequately answer any biblical concerns and he understood the restoration! The problem now lies if he is willing to make the full spiritual change and pray about the book of mormon.

 I love you all a ton


Elder Kersey

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The Family

 We’ve had some good progression this week. But I’m hoping your all fabulous this week. Happy Birthday to Oscar who has turned 12 years old! I can’t believe he’s getting the priesthood!

 Initially we had quite a few investigators dropped at the beginning of this week. But the lord always provides prepared people! Ellsberth and the fam were unfortunately searching for the most ‘convenient religion,’ without referring them to any other religions we briefly explained to them the importance of obeying the gospel. Ellsberth and Nigel were both prepared people but they were a couple who were set on living their lives one foot in the gospel, one foot in the world. You can’t do that!

 The thing to remember about doing the Lord’s work is that everyone has their agency. Even though prepared people are delivered to you, you just have to remember that they have the right to choose to accept or decline the gospel. It’s a principle we need to remember throughout life really. It’s encouraging to know that it isn’t your fault, you didn’t do anything wrong. Just do all you can to make sure they understand what it is you represent and that they feel the spirit.

 Missionary work is sifting through the unwilling to find the truly humble and sincere seekers of truth. We found another possible candidate on Friday, a man named Lee. Lee is a sincere man who has had years of drug abuse. In the last year he has gone through rehabilitation to get him back on track. When I street contacted him, Lee expressed to me his desire to start life afresh and follow Jesus Christ. We taught him on a nearby wall and dated him for baptism. We are now working to make sure we are consistently teaching him.


 As well as Lee, we were blessed to have a new dated investigator named Aaron. Aaron was a man who was taught by the Zone Leaders in Preston on Saturday. He lives in our area and he was excited to come to church on Sunday. We picked him up Sunday morning and brought him to church along with Brother Rojas. He was excited to be there and ‘clicked’ with a few of the members. I’m grateful for the help of our ward.

 Margaret, and Geoff are also plodding along. They are still consistently coming to church but are still slightly hesitant with making a solid commitment to baptism. We are working on solidly integrating them into the Ward. Their getting there…

I love you all

Elder Kersey

 p.s. only joking oscar… don’t worry you’ve got a letter on the way love you lots

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The Family

Well it’s been a while since I spoke to you all so here what’s new…
Not a ton to be quite honest.

Following the mayhem of transfers Elder MacDougall and I are please to announce that we are both staying in South Ribble for another transfer. We both strongly feel that the Lord has sacred events in store for us this transfer. We are already seeing blessings from our hard work last transfer! Last week it was a blessing to find and teaching multiple new investigators. All were choice people who are willing to make necessary changes to follow Jesus Christ.

Margaret is starting to make stronger commitments. Back in January we were considering dropping her as she was not showing a lot of interest anymore. She is consistently coming to church and showing better signs of progression. We had a new family move into our ward and they are so missionary centered… they know how to get stuff done! Brother Joyce has done an excellent job at fellowshipping Margaret into the ward. Again the obstacle Margaret feels she has is social rejection but she is now coming to understand that what God wants comes first.

The famous Geoff Bond (and yes that is his last name and yes he has a brother called James)… has finally committed to baptism! He is still slightly hesitant but we both know that as we visit him regularly and as he prays for help and guidance, he will receive the strength he needs to make that solid commitment of being a disciple of Christ. As we re-taught him the doctrine of the restoration something clicked and he finally understood. His reponse was ‘well I should probably be baptised then.’ He’s getting there.

Ellsberth and Nigel, as well as their family were a blessing to teach last week. I remember when I street contacted them a week earlier; Ellsberth’s 13 year old daughter started exclaiming that my message was stupid. Following that comment, Ellsberth looked at her daughter, told her to shut up, grounded her, and then told me to continue. I set up a solid appointment with her. It was a privilege for us to teach them. Nigel (Ellsberth’s husband) is a very spiritually sensitive man who excitedly took a copy of the book of Mormon and examined its pages keenly. The spirit was prominent and our lesson was taught well. They understood the doctrine perfectly. Before we even began He and Ellsberth beckoned their daughter into the room and made her apologize to us. It was great! I’m not used to people apologizing to missionaries! At the end of the lesson she entered the room to listen to us. I could just see the spirit working with her. As a result, she was excited to pray with us at the end.

There are various others we are also working with. A staunching Catholic named Martin, a Muslim (yet not Muslim) named Ali, and others. Missionaries are not allowed to teach Muslims but Ali is a bit of an exception. He has never been a Muslim and is not considered by others a Muslim. Yet a lot of his ideas are founded the Koran… even though he does not believe the book to be true. Anyway his background is complicated. As well as all of that he’s somewhat an atheist. I’ll just stop describing him because it’s hurting my head. Ow.

But… again… I’m fabulous. I can’t stress enough to all of you the importance of a mission. These 6 months have been the greatest 6 months of my life without question. There are experiences and lessons to be learnt that are ONLY LEARNT ON A MISSION. If any of you ever have doubts about dedicating two years of your life to the lord, strip yourself of that doubt. Forget yourself and just go to work. The greatest happiness in life stems from our Heavenly Father. Everything else is insignificant, temporary and short-lived. I know in my heart that I am doing the right thing. The 18th section of the Doctrine and Covenants always comes to mind when dwelling on this; “how great will your joy be when you bring one soul let alone many into my kingdom!” Get excited! The Lord has trusted you all with bringing in his own children into his own kingdom.

I love you all

Elder Kersey

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