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can’t believe transfers are next week! It will be my fifth transfer! It really is depressing how quickly time flies but, I guess you’ve just got to make the most of it. Thank you for your wonderful letters. I want to write to each one of you individually but time just does not permit!! So I send you all my love instead… as well as this letter I guess. I can’t believe its March! Elder MacDougall and I have had another enjoyable week. But, that’s a bit repetitive. If you haven’t noticed by now… every week is fabulous so I’ll probably say the exact same thing next week… great! Well I’ll stop going on tangents and get to the important stuff. We’ve experienced blessings from working with the ward more. Missionary work becomes busy when you really begin getting the members involved. Referrals are a great area of focus. At each dinner appointment or message or whatever the reason of the visit, we do the little things such as asking them who they want us to pray for, if they could pray for a street for us to tract, and who we could try by. From doing those things, members proactively seek ways fellowship investigators and recent converts. We’re privileged to see events take place such as; teaching investigators at members homes, watching members invite investigators to birthdays without even asking them!!, and many more simple things.. These simple things bring great things to pass. I absolutely love our ward. Danielle unfortunately suffers from chronic depression and because of this, she has unannounced episodes of reclusive behaviour. We managed to teach her once last week but again seeing her frequently is the underlying issue. She is still doing incredibly. Even though we are not able to make daily contact, she makes daily contact with Book of Mormon! She continues to embrace all the doctrine we teach to her and has still agreed to the scheduled baptismal date. The Lord blessed us also this week with new investigators. We found and taught a middle-aged man named Allan this weekend. Who was eager to read the book of Mormon. He understood the main principles well and accepted a baptismal date for the 30th of March. A very humbling trait that can best be developed on a mission is having a godly view of life on earth. It is only until I have been serving the Lord that I have realized how insignificant the world and adversity is. Worldly happiness is temporary and superficial. To know that we have the privilege of inviting people to partake of eternal happiness them is incredible. Don’t ever take the gospel for granted. You can’t half live the gospel and you can’t have a neutral testimony. I love you all and pray for you continually. Elder Kersey


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