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The fam!

Where on earth does the time go? The end of my first transfer (a transfer is 6 weeks for those of you who are YET to be missionaries!) is next week! So much has happened and the time is just rocketing by… But it’s been another week of wonderful blesses the lord has provided, a long with training and interviews with our dear president. And on top of all of that, I finally got time to have my first fish and chips… just splendid, and greasy.

Following our fast to find the elect, we have both had a lot of time devoted towards finding this week. We have come across a few potentials, but there’s always the worldly conflicts that restrain them from progressing. On Tuesday we taught Leslie Taylor. I may have mentioned him, I can’t really remember… but he’s an 84-year-old bundle of joy. Every time we’re there we feel an overwhelming sense of the spirit. He’s has so much love for his dear wife who passed away years ago. Les is actually a referral, the person who referred him to us mentioned something about sealing’s and he desperately wants to be with his wife. The difficult thing for him is he can’t really remember things to well so he couldn’t remember our previous visit to well. But it brought us such joy to see him writing down his commitment this week to pray to know the Joseph Smith is a prophet.

What I’ve come to love is how much to change your lesson plans according to the investigators needs. It’s a major factor of what makes me study so much. We were street contacting Friday when I made an appointment with a former investigator. He was taught for months on end back in January through April, but couldn’t commit to church, (we found this our while teaching). So we felt prompted to share the meaning of sacrament with him. While testifying of why we need to go to church, it was the strongest I have felt the spirit so far. I loved how straight up I was being without realizing it. It’s a mad rush after you leave an appointment after that, so I felt sorry for the first people I saw on the street as I ran up to talk to them. Robert’s standing is still undecided so we shall see… but he does get it. He was very appreciative of our message; he kept saying ‘you’re absolutely right.’ After everything.

Friday was a rampage of a day. We taught 5 lessons! All credit goes to the lord for blessing us this week. Fasting works people! But something We both came to a conclusion on Thursday was how much blessings relate to patience. We went street contacting on a main town street and for the first hour, its challenging. No one will talk to you. But as the patience continues, you feel the spiritual atmosphere of the area you proselyte in, begin to strengthen. And before you know it, you’re experiencing quality gospel conversations with every other person.

So the moral from that experience is… be patient. It’s a great Christ like attribute to have and its something I continue to work as well!

But back to Friday… Friday evening we taught an active member lesson to the McNally’s in our ward, they are about in their late 50’s with Irish Brother McNally and Portuguese sister McNally. After teaching a wonderful lesson on obedience, prayer, and scripture and closing with prayer, sister McNally announced that throughout the lesson, the spirit was telling her to ring up some local friends she had who were somewhat interest in the church. After discussing it a little, she made an abrupt grab of the phone, called them up, and scheduled an appointment! It was such a humbling experience. I’ll keep you informed about them!

Something I love about our mission is how focused everyone is… President Bullock is flawless. He is such a devoted, passionate man about what he knows is true. I haven’t met one missionary who understands his purpose. Everyone here is an inspiration… I love it.

Well there’s so much more that I want to share… but our time is up. So I’ll here from you all in a week and I love you all so much it could be classified as… ridiculous…

Thanks again for all the letters and emails.

Elder Kersey


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The Fam!

First, thank you for all the lovely emails, letters, support, and most importantly prayers. It really is a blessing to have such supportive, diligent families in the gospel. Its been another wonderful week full of humbling, hair-raising (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute), and just satisfying week. The weather here is getting cold, brittle, and…English. Although the north does seem colder than I remember the south…

This week has been another devoted week of finding. We had a district meeting on Tuesday and following that I was off to Blackpool for another night to go on exchange with Elder Black from Idaho. The appointments that elders black and Wagner had set for the evening had fallen through so instead we did some solid tracting, and just general street contacting. One thing I love about Blackpool is how many more people there are! Normally Elder Stevens run from person to person on one side of the street to another as there are no major towns in South Ribble, we get to the point where every other persons excuse is ‘you already spoke to me,’ so then I follow-up by simply saying, ‘wonderful! Well I would like to share with you a message about the family this time then!’ but then there are undesirable responses most of the time.  But Blackpool was wonderful as I got to do things that I love such as bus contacting! Oh it’s fabulous. The feeling is so rewarding when you book appointments with people.

I’m enjoying my time in south Ribble with elder Stevens wonderfully. He continues to impress me with his devotion, sincerity, and knowledge. I love the wonderful spirit I feel surround us as a companionship. I guess I should probably tell you about our hair-raising event on Saturday…

While I was on exchange elder Stevens made an appointment with someone he felt to be very prospective. He lived out on a farm just north of Leyland and we spent Saturday tracting the area after parking our car. After enduring a university lecturer berate us concerning the validity of the King James version of the bible… we testified, set straight general confusion he had about our religion and discussed the truth of the book of Mormon, and somehow got an appointment. We then went to stop by sam, who gave us a fake address, and number (which we already knew) but he underestimated that we would actually come, but sam wasn’t in. So we went back to our car to pray about where to tract next. The car however, was dead.

Elder Stevens left the light on so we eventually got bishop to come down. Our bishop by the way is such a loving, spiritual man and he’s a great bishop. He didn’t have jump leads he told us on the phone but then came down anyway as there was no one else. And I had a very concerned feel when a saw a 7ft tow rope pulled out of a box. He taught elder Stevens how to jump-start while moving… I was shaking my head and laughing to myself at how badly this could turn out. But the road was straight so I guess it would work… So as we starting moving, in resulted in both of us yelling as I screamed not to hit bishops car as the rope get pulling us tort, and we tried not to brake to late and hit his car… as the car whistled on to life I felt it was over… but the rope was still attached, and the straight road that once was… no longer was. Ahead were pedestrians, 90 degree bends and dogs on this small countryside road (along with oncoming cars!) and you all know how small countryside roads are here! The rope kept snapping us forward as it was constantly pulling us if we didn’t follow bishops braking pattern…. Finally we stopped.. with the car still running, and bishops car with a sound rear bumper.

Well it was the first time I had done that, but I do not want to ever again…

We’ve had some wonderful miracles happen while we fasted yesterday for new investigators. We taught a wonderful lesson to a lovely couple who were ecstatic to read the book of Mormon along with finally getting a recent convert to quite tea.

Its been a diligent week and we hope to see many more miracles these upcoming days! Thanks again for all your love and support and like I said, prayers. I pray for all of you too! As my time in the mission field grows one of my greatest joys I have come to find are the scriptures. I can’t ever really put them down and I find myself reading even when I eat because of this desire I have to understand them more deeply. Elder Stevens is a wonderful companion to have when it comes to doctrine stuff as that’s all we talk about during our prolonged walks. I love the people and am grateful for elder Stevens help and evaluation and the preparation we both do.

Well I have to go do my shopping now so you’ll here from me in a week, there’s an ASDA down the road from here (that takes me back), then the Preston elders are coming down as I have ended up cooking for everyone today and following that, a good game of ‘footie’.

So keep flooding in your emails and I’ll cya in a week!

Lots of love

Elder Kersey

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This last week has been a real faith promoting experience. Most of our lessons and appointments fell through. Elder Stevens and I have continued to place our faith in the lord and thank him for those we have been able to find and those we have been able to converse with.

We managed to find a few who we should be teaching next week. Lincoln and Dorothy we were hoping to date for baptism… but they fell through on the appointment unfortunately. We will see them next week though. They came to conference with us and enjoyed it then later in the week on our way home Lincoln called (he’s a posh man but quite funny sometimes), and he said “well I think your wrong about the afterlife thing, so let’s make an appointment and then its yes or no.. Alright?” He and Dorothy are a lovely couple.

I had my first Zone conference on Thursday which was such a blessing. We had Elder Kerr of the area seventy address us and I walked away feeling spiritually hyped… we also have all come to the conclusion also that our mission president is in fact a very intelligent man. He gave us a talk on convincing evidence along with spiritual evidence of the Book of Mormon. He had a slide show with all these different facts… and… my hand ached after the talk from writing. It was also just wonderful to see some of the wonderful missionaries I matured with in the MTC. It’s a blessing to share stories and insights about our glorious work with fellow greenies.

I got to go on 2 exchanges this week… Like I said before they are quite frequent as my companion is the district leader. I’m actually going on another one tomorrow! Back up to Blackpool with Elder Black from Idaho. But last week I went with my zone leader, elder Bills who has just an incredible conversion story of how he came on a mission and church wise and Elder Gorts from Germany (pronounced ‘gurtz’ and he test drove concept models of Audi prior to coming on his mission………………. I had no comment).

When I was on exchange with Elder Gorts we were very lucky to get the equivalent of Christmas here in the mission field. In his area there’s a large Brazilian family who we got to teach Friday night. We went over there and we watched to new Joseph Smith restoration film along with dinner at their house! Along with that… I’m eating my dinner when I hear mums voice on the T.V! I had no idea mum you were in this film… so like I said, I got to watch a pretty decent film, eat a yummy dinner, and listen to my mum all at the same time… if that’s not Christmas in the mission field I don’t know what is…Well Christmas in the mission field is batizing… but haven’t experienced that quite yet…

But both these missionaries are more examples of dedicated, devoted young men who truly have come to know the meaning of their mission.

My district I continue to love and cherish. I am just astounded at how diligent everyone is. No one falls short of a good missionary here and President Bullock is just a phenomenal leader. Elder Stevens and I love the area I’m in and he has appreciated my cooking since day 1. You’ll be pleased to hear mum that I have not even approached frozen dinners or the microwave yet. And I will continue to remain steadfast in that goal.

Well what more can I say… I love it here! This weeks been challenging but at the same time a blessing. Thanks for the letters I got last week too! I absolutely love getting letters; it’s a joy to read from all of you!

And sorry mum I should have told you last week, I did get that package, although I’m not sure what to do with the sausage (if it is a sausage)… I stared at it for a while then took a bite out of it, and then spat it out as it looked raw… I’m assuming Oscar chose the sausage? But yes I have devoured everything else, almost; (it takes a while to get through everything), (But not the knife… I did eat the wooden spoons). But thanks so much. And mum if you want to thank the Bradshaw’s, or forward this I love getting the letters from them it’s so nice to hear from everyone!

Well that’s about it for me, Kez the cat Kebiah is gone and hasn’t come back, but in response to your letter, I am not becoming fat, Elder Stevens and I are pleased at how healthy we are… However I am spiritually obese…

I love you all so so much

Elder Kersey!

– Oscar I have decided to arm myself with the sausage, as I cannot carry around the knife you send me.

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To all the family

What a wonderful last week I have had. And conference to finish it off, it was quite a blessing. Elder Stevens and I have managed to contact quite a few more investigators this week. Our numbers as a district have also been mind-blowing at points. We’ve had quite a few experiences that we still laugh about. But here’s how last week went…

On Tuesday I had my first exchange with an Elder Wagner (from pleasant grove). Apparently I have like 1 exchange a week as Elder Stevens is the district leader and has to spend time with each elder for a day, in the district during this transfer. So I was off on the train up to Blackpool. I’ve never been to Blackpool so it was very different. Finding people proved much more difficult as people are generally much ruder there. It did kind of remind me of Brighton. While in Blackpool we met a wonderful 19 yr old on the bus who we committed to coming to general conference that weekend. It was about 8:30 at night while coming home but was a very spiritual end to the day as we had previously experienced about how pastors feel about the LDS church right after a dinner appointment…. Just fabulous…

Elder Stevens and I serve in the south Ribble area. It’s about 10 minutes south of Preston and full of great people. My mum said I need to mention this but there are 120 ish missionaries in the mission. Because we’re so close to Chorley, pretty much everyone is familiar with the large temple. It does get frustrating sometimes when people remain adamant on what the church practices and its discipline. But at the same time, the feeling I get when I can settle the confusion and concerns people have, and deliver with the spirit, I guess you could say its pretty ‘shweet’. Clearing up doctrinal misunderstandings is fabulous I’ve decided.

We had some great investigators this week… the week prior we were tracting in an area that is turning into a gold mine for appointments. We’ve come across soul-searching people, devoted fathers and mothers, families in need, and more. Gale is from the Caribbean and does have a lot of religious background. We taught the restoration on Wednesday and she’s very excited to read the book of Mormon. Another great experience was when I knocked on the door of an elderly  woman who got baptised a couple of years ago, fell inactive, moved, and ended up loosing contact with the church. No one knew where she lived until we met with her. Beryl’s her name and she’s very faithful but doesn’t want to go back to church. On Thursday, we taught her a great lesson on charity and faith. We’ll see how she progresses.

Friday was a difficult day as all of our appointments fell through. We did some solid street contacting in town and found a good amount of contacts. There are so many more experiences but you’ll end up with pages and pages of email. We’ve had some other great people who we are hoping to set baptismal dates with this week so I’ll keep you informed! Thinking of cats and kez’s charitable movements… elder Stevens and I actually woke up at 2 in the morning the other night (we left the back door open) and a stray cat was nudging and sitting on us… and it keeps coming back now… I’m gonna name it Kebiah.

Conference was wonderful… I ended up with 10 pages of notes. When your prepared for conference you really do take in to account what their saying. We managed to get 2 of our investigators (Dorothy and Lincoln, quite a posh couple), to conference and they thought it was ‘splendid.’ It was a joy to see some of the elders I was in the MTC with as well (also how creased our shoes are becoming). I also met Seth at conference! He’s such a joy to be around and he’s family is just as loving. He has three kids (I think) and it’s really heart-warming to see them looking at you as a missionary.

Well that about wraps it up for this week! Like I said there’s so much more, but there’s only so much I can write. And with the emails, I honestly don’t mind people emailing me, I just wont be able to email everyone individually as there is a time constraint. So mail or email, or both, do whatever suits you really, and thanks for the support and letters/emails I have received! I appreciate them so much! The mailing address (my family sent something somewhere else once) is:

Spring Wood suite G5
Booths Park
 class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=””>WA16 8QZ

It’s an address for the whole mission. If its sent specifically to where I live, then the post office may hold onto a package or something if I’m not there to sign… And I may actually never get it. But send it to that address and I’ll get it for sure.

Thanks again for all the support and love. I love you all tons and you’ll here from me in a week!

Lots of love

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Dear Brother & Sister Kersey,


Your son has arrived to the England Manchester Mission (EMM) safe and ready to go to work as a missionary.  We held a training session Wednesday morning where we covered many things including their mission finances, their first three month training schedule, becoming a “Sacred Missionary” and the EMM vision and guiding principles.  We concluded with a testimony meeting and afterwards Sister Bullock fed the group a warm hearty meal.  I held a personal interview with each missionary and we then transported them to the Manchester Stake Center where they were introduced to their first companion and trainer. 


As parents, the most important thing you can do for your son is to be supportive and encouraging.  The first month or two can be challenging for a missionary with many adjustments in their life.  But it normally does not take long until they capture the full vision of their calling, gain a love for the people of the U.K. and get lost in the work. 


Please be supportive of the church’s policy on communications which allows missionaries to send and receive emails only with family members which in addition to the immediate family includes grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Anyone not part of the family must communicate through letters.  Occasional efforts by some to circumvent this policy, such as family members forwarding personally directed emails from non-family members, are outside the spirit of this principle. 


We often talk and train on the principle of “Becoming a Sacred Missionary.”  While it is good to be an Honorable Missionary, there is higher principle and that is becoming a Sacred Missionary.  This involves many things but it primarily is a commitment by the missionary to purify and sanctify their life and fully commit their heart and soul to their mission.   The happiest and most effective missionaries are those who limit thoughts of their pre-mission life, put the world behind them and get completely lost in the work of serving the Lord.  Your encouragement and support of this will help your son grow personally, gain a greater depth of spiritually and impact the lives of others. 


Attached you will find a picture of your son  with Sister Bullock and me in front of the mission home and a picture of his first companion and trainer.  Sister Bullock and I have three sons who have served missions with another one currently in the Japan Tokyo Mission, so we fully understand the emotions and joys that you are going through right now.  Know that we love the missionaries in the England Manchester Mission and watch over them with care.  May the Lord bless you during this wonderful time of your life.


With warm regards,


President Bullock

England Manchester Mission



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Well this is one of the few times I actually email two days in a row but it is the Presidents bidding.

You don’t need to forward this but you can if you want. It’s more of just a confirmation email that i’m safely the new flat with my companion. I’ve been called in this transfer to the Preston area. We’re serving just south of the river where some of the initial baptisms for the church took place.

The area is fantastic and i love it. I was able to experience my first lesson last night to quite a posh family to be honest and we where trying to teach them the restoration but lincoln (man of the household) decided to change the meeting into a Q and A session. It was a good experience however. We kind of ended talking about spiritual progression and what not but we managed to finally get the message of Joseph Smith over and a commitment.. totaling at a 65 minute lesson.

My trainer is fantastic. His from the  pre=”the “>crawley stake and says he was good friends with Basty in the MTC. Elder Stevens would be his name. I’m so grateful for him and the example he’s already showing.. especially when we went tracting for an hour or two yesterday. And speaking of yesterday it might have been the most hectic day yet. We had to get up from the MTC at 5am and then get everything into a coach while saying goodbye. I can’t tell you how sad i was saying goodbye to all those missionaries. I felt like i had known them for years.. but they are where they are supposed to be.. the same with me. We went and met president Bullock for the first time and he’s everything a Mission president needs to be. He’s fantastic.

Anyway I’m now in the field and my p-days are every Wednesday. Love you! and I’ll be speaking to you next week.

Elder Kersey

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Week 2

Thanks for emailing back its been a pretty big week!

So since last prep day I’ve had quite a bit of new experiences. My classes first of all are helping me grow so much spiritually. My teachers are fantastic, I have two one of them recently returned from london and was good friends with Adrian foster.. small world. Their both so down to earth and know their stuff. We have a total of about 7 hours of class time a day where we do mock investigator scenarios and so on. Then an hour of exercise (some good games of football with all the elders) then more class, devotionals, each day is slightly different but thats about it. Elder Davey and I do about three hours of personal and companion study each morning.. it’s so wonderful.

So i thought in this email I’d just tell you all a bit about my district. Our district leader is the incredible elder Torres from Ipswich.. once again he was set apart BY President Foster and great friends with  “>Josh Spencer. Theres my companion and then two other elders who share a room with us. Elder Brimhall from Arizona (flew on the plane together) and elder Wolfert from germany. Both are great elders and a really good example. Elder Torres lives in the opposite room with his two companions (theres three total) elder Szbadkai from hungary who speaks the best english i’ve ever heard. And the hilarious elder Riera from spain. I think he is the funniest person i’ve ever met. Elder Torres is originally from Portugal and speaks Spanish also and Elder Riera didnt speak a word of english when he got here. through Elder Torres he is learning but he says the funniest things and has that kind of face that never stops smiling. I love my district.

So some interesting experiences i had this week was…. street contacting!! yes thats right. our teachers gave us train tickets and groups of elders went to either Blackburn or Preston town square to contact.. man was it hard. As I said last week, theres 43 total missionaries here, so half went to Preston, and half to Blackburn. Unfortunately I was not with elder Davey. Reason for this was they have a german group of about 20 missionaries here who are going back to germany on their mission… (not elder Wolfert as he speaks great english and is going to Manchester). so the leaders paired up foreign with.. not foreign. I was with elder Ulrich from france/germany. It was very difficult and frustrating at first. Most would just say ‘i’m not interested’ or ruder remarks which i’ve decided arent appropriate for email. there were some nice people but most just kept walking when you tried talking. But dont get me wrong, we did this for about 3 hours and eventually after your hesitation finally leaves you, you approach everyone. and i mean EVERYONE. out of all those people, we gave out tons of leaflets and cards but only two book of Mormons to some very promising people. I felted satisfied but realized there was things to learn from this.

To make things kind of better elder Bednar was here giving a talk at the stake center on the temple grounds. It was for the missionaries in the area not for us. He was just about to come and speak to us when he had to leave urgently and we were not able to hear from him.. bummer. We did however have an area seventy come and speak to us on sunday and that was a great experience. Hes from Scotland and pretty enthusiastic about missionary work.. President Kerr was his name I think.

Well thats probably the highlights of this week. I wish i could tell you about all the great elders that are here. But next week will be the last week of me emailing at the MTC as i leave next thursday! apart from that my companion and I are finding ourselves delivering lessons and doctrine excellently now to ‘mock’ investigators and we’re feeling great!
I’ve found this thing about me which is I can’t but the scriptures down.. just ask my companion.. if you could. anyway its great to hear from you again and I love you all so so much. Missing you lots

Elder Kersey

p.s thanks for the package!!

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